our testimony shared at vbf bakersfield 


Dedicated to our son, Matthew Farley




Saved and Healed of Cancer


One summer day in 1982, when I was working on my boat, I discovered a lump under my collarbone. I thought I had strained a muscle, but my wife reminded me I had experienced problems with back pain for about two years. She convinced me to get a doctor’s opinion.


Material things – fast boats, expensive automobiles, fine jewelry, etc. – were important to me. I thought they were a measure of one’s success.


When my doctor examined me, he immediately scheduled me for a biopsy that required the expertise of a cardiovascular surgeon. My worst fears were confirmed when I was told I had cancer. I thought this was all a bad dream. My first wife died of cancer when our two children were very young. All the materialism and things I was a slave to didn’t matter now.


My weight dropped from 170 to 132 pounds. One test showed I was near paralysis. At times my pain was so great I would have to climb a stairway on my hands and knees. I started radiation therapy. Painful as it was, I was still able to walk.


By November, I began to think about all I had heard regarding heaven and hell, and that a person must be born again to be assured a place in heaven. I prayed to God, but I didn’t know Jesus. Suddenly, Jesus revealed himself to me by helping me to understand that He died on the cross to pay the penalty for my sins.


Now I understood what being saved was all about. I asked Jesus to forgive my sins and come into my heart. The fear of death disappeared; I knew I was OK with God.


During my next chemotherapy treatment my doctor was amazed at how I was responding. From that point on I started to gain weight and my strength began to return.


I was told if there was no recurrence of cancer during the next 3 ½ years, I would be out of the woods and completely healed. The doctor pronounced me healed. Today, 33 years later, I am still in perfect health.


God allowed this to happen to get my attention. Many prayers were offered up for me. God answers prayer. My illness brought me to Jesus and I praise Him for it. I try to share my testimony with everyone I meet.    – Ray Zurfluh, Redding, California.