Biblical Life Lessons

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January 10 2021--Pastor Darrell

"God Reveals"

We are image bearers of our God. So what does God reveal about himself.

Based on Genesis 1:1

January 3 2021--Pastor Darrell

"My Cross To Bear"

What is your cross to bear? Our hope is that this message from Pastor Darrell will help you to see the value of being a cross-bearer!

December 20, 2020--Pastor Darrell

"Unto Us, Unto Him"

"Unto us a Child is born," is the greatest gift to humanity. But, what can we give back in return. Our prayer is that this message will inspire to live intentionally for Christ.

Starting October 18, we will be live streaming our services at 9:30am and 11:00am. To view, go to and type in "hc of redding". Blessings!

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the Lessons Of Doctrine 9:27:20
Back to the Beginning 09.06.20
Back to the Beginning 09.06.20
Benefit of Praise 08:30:20
Family Day 08.23 - 8:30:20, 8.29 AM
Presumption Demands Evidence
Surrender the Journey 8:9:20
The Church in the Desert 09.02.20 - 8:2:
06:28:20 A Pursued Interest
The Coming of the Lord is 6:14:20
Swimming Upstream 6:7:20
Don't Post- Focus 5:31:20
The Value of Who You Are 5/24/20
Adversity Brings Passion 5:17:20
Live Move Exist 5:10:20
I Give You My Faith 5:3:20
Easter 2020 - 4:10:20, 3.55 PM
Palm Sunday 4:5:2020
Come Let Us Work Together- 3:28:20Pastor Darrell
00:00 / 23:14
A New Normal 03:22:2020