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What to know!

Our exciting kids program is known as "Kids Summit" consisting of  4 age groups:

BASE CAMP (ages 0-3, nursery with live stream of service)

HIKERS (ages 3-5 a simple approach to introducing the things of the Bible)

CLIMBERS (ages 6-11 consisting of video, lesson, crafts, games etc)

SUMMIT GUIDES (ages 12 and over who would like to help with leadership)

Kids Summit meets in the main building. We strive to keep your children safe. As such, this building is secure and kept locked at all times. If you would need to pick up your child before the end of service you MUST speak with an usher in the worship service prior to heading to the Kids rooms. 

Registration is in the Worship Center! All kids stay in the main service until midway through worship. At such time the pastor will dismiss the kids. The kids will follow the leaders to the kids rooms located in the main building. Your child MUST be registered and provided a name sticker prior to entering the kids building. 





ages 0-3

This is our nursery setting that is well equipped with the parent in mind. You may attend with your baby and enjoy the service as we live stream into the nursery. 


ages 3-5

This room is connected to the nursery and has 1-2 leader teaching this group. We use simple lessons, along with crafts, coloring and games to open their minds to the things of God's Word. 


This program offers exciting media, activities, games and interaction. We have 2-3 leaders who value your children's Christian education and interact in a fun way. 

ages 6-11

Need More Info?

530 241-0551

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